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November 14, 2012

Beautiful Sabah Borneo (Tuaran-Kundasang-Ranau)

27 October 2012

Our second day started at 7:30 am. A trip to Tuaran, Kundasang & Ranau. We had breakfast at Tuaran. One thing we noticed here, main food (like nasi goreng atau nasi lemak) is taken with sup. 

Here the places we visited on our trip today, It is a MUST place to visit.

1) Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House) - Tuaran

Sangat kagum...when we enter the house semua terbalik kecuali CCTV, aircond, cermin and bubu. Dalam rumah ni ada living room, dapur, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, family space. But no camera allowed dalam rumah ni. Hanya luar rumah je dibenarkan take photo. Fee masuk RM 10.00 untuk adult and RM 5.00 untuk kids.

Kat sini me beli souvenirs, fridge magnet and t-shirt. Price untuk souvenirs kat sini agak pricey but still ade discount. [tips]

Visit this website for details rumahterbalik

2) Pekan Nabalu 

Pekan Nabalu, pekan kecil yang terletak antara Kota Kinabalu dan Kundasang. Nice place to take scenery photo.  The place is famous for the perfect view of Mount Kinabalu. But not for this time. Offer a lot local craft and souvenirs. Bargain and keep bargain ;)

Kat sini me beli fridge magnet RM 10.00 (4 pieces) and keychain RM 10.00 (6 pieces). Kena pandai tawar menawar harga, my advice better beli key-chain kat Gaya street, many choices with good price. [tips]

3) Pekan Kundasang

You can get fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey and local snacks at this market. Here, me beli fruits yang dh siap pack je. Harga lebih kurang KL [tips]. But still got difference. 

4) Sabah Tea Garden

Take a break here after a long journey from KK to Ranau. We had Sabah Tea (Medium Pot 3-6 people RM 10.00) [tips]. Though i am not a fan of tea, had tea in tea plantation is cool and fresh. Apart of tea, they also provide lunch meal and seafood. My personal opinion, Cameron H Tea Plantation is well managed than Sabah Tea Plantation ;). Of course we bought Sabah Tea untuk di bawa pulang ke Semenanjung :) RM10.00 for 3 boxes uncang tea [tips]

 Visit this website for details SabahTeaGarden

5) Traditional Long House

We did mention to our driver that we wish to see long house in Sabah.  And our wish come true. This traditional long house is located within Sabah Tea Garden. Not only can see but also can enter the house. There are two traditional long houses that linked together with nice decoration. They also offer accommodation with reasonable price for those who love to experience staying in long house.

6) 'Tagal' Sungai Moroli Kg Luanti Fish Massage

'Tagal' means no fishing. Located nearby Tea Sabah Garden. Here, kita hanya dibenarkan untuk 'foot massage' with fish or bath with fish, fees will be charged according to the activities that we would like to do. For us, we choose the foot massage activity. The fee is RM 3.00/person (adult), additional fee if you want to bring along your camera which cost RM 2.00/group and this activity only take 15 minutes.[tips] The best word to describe this activity is 'GELI'. It's because the fish in the river is not same with the one you found in Fish Spa in KL. The size is super duper big, bigger than my foot. huhuhu. But, it was interesting activity, no doubt. You should try.

7) Rafflesia Blooming

On our way to Poring Hot Spring, there are a few signboards written 'Rafflesia Bloom' along the roadside which inform us there is rafflesia bloom in their private area (locals). We insist to see that unique flower. For this, we need to pay RM20.00/person [tips] then the owner took us to their own patch of jungle to see the 75cm of rafflesia. I am not sure the price range here. Mungkin ada tempat yang lagi murah. Though it's quite pricey but we don't want to miss the opportunity. To reach the place where the rafflesia bloom, it is not as near as you think, it's not exactly behind the owner house. We have to walk quite a distance which takes about 15 minutes to be there. My advice please wear proper shoes and maybe you should bring along your raincoat [tips]

8)Poring Hot Springs

Not much activity we can do here because the park was full packed since it's a public holiday plus it started to rain once we reached there. Still, we managed to get some info about this park. Other than the natural hot spring main attraction at Poring Hot Springs, there are also other interesting areas in the park to be visited such as the butterfly farm, the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, the tropical garden, the Poring canopy walkway, and the Rafflesia flower site. Before you enter the park, you have to pay the entrance fee at the main gate which cost RM 3.00/person [tips]. We will be here again on our second visit to Sabah.

9) Desa Dairy Farm 

The main reason we visited this place is because of Mount K view. We can see the mountain clearly from this Farm. Visitors are required to pay RM 3.00/person [tips] entrance fee to visit the farm. Desa Dairy Farm is just like Malaysia 'New Zealand'. Beautiful Indeed. Fresh and cold air. Green view with foothills of Mount Kinabalu. Sejuk mata memandang. Tenang. The farm is opened to visitors from Monday-Sunday (07:30-16:30) but I suggest you go during the milking process scheduled at 3pm-5pm daily. [tips] You will feel amazing how  the cows would line up diligently waiting for their turn to go through the process. They also sell fresh milk. We reached at the farm before 5:00 pm, fresh milk already sold out. So for those who want to buy fresh milk, you should come early.

10) Kinabalu National Park

Last destination for the day. We reached there nearly 6:00 pm. It was COLD. Should wear or bring thick cloth. We did not pay anything for this visit. Tour guide told us, the ticket at Poring Hot Springs must be keep to enter this park without any fee. [tips] Maybe because of that reason, we don't have to pay the entrance fee. Since it's already late (in Sabah, one hour early from Semenanjung), we didn't spend much time here, just took some photos and drove back to Kota Kinabalu. Everyone seems tired and hungry. Hehehe. Will have full tour visit in this park one day.


11)Gayang Seafood Restaurant

MAKAN TIME. So after the long day trip to Kundasang and Ranau. Here we go. Mengisi perut-perut yang kelaparan. It's located in Tuaran 28km from Kota Kinabalu. Open from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm. A recommended restaurant experience for those who are looking for seafood in Sabah.[tips]. Untuk dinner ni, we had udang, sotong, ketam, ikan and sayur + juice + nasi. For five person dine cost us around RM 180.00. Good price with good food and good service. No complain. Macam nak pengsan nak habiskan all those food. Alhamdulillah semua dah kenyang.

We reached hotel around 10:00 pm. Kaki dah x terasa berpijak kat tanah. Exhausted at the same time ENJOY. Kenyang + Penat = Tidur.

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